C1NE.CO exists providing movies and tv series for free that are curated for film enthusiasts, by film enthusiasts. In order to keep this website alive, we need costs to maintain the website such as rent server, storage account, and player license. But, we don’t want to add more ads that can annoy you.

Please contribute to keep this website awesome.

The minimum donation is $1 per month. To appreciate your donation, we will give you:
– An ad-free account.
– Priority in request movies and tv-series.

If you donate for at least 12 months, you will get 1 google drive account with unlimited storage.

$40 – Update the server to make the download feature works perfectly.
$100 per month – Have 2 servers to makes the load of the server balance and streaming faster.
$120 per month – Improve website features like Search method, API for showing movies information correctly.
$170 per month – Have 3 servers to makes the load of the server balance and streaming faster.

For cryptocurrency donation you can send to this:
BTC address: 32zvnZTPSEEmJHwMyvfccjHK1qAC9LokkC
If you need another cryptocurrency address leave a comment.

For PayPal or Credit Card payment you can leave a comment below with your correct email address so we can send the instruction to it or pm me to my discord account.

Confirming your donation by leaving a comment with your donation details and your email address. We will send the ad-free account login details to your emails.

P.S.: Your comment will never be posted, it’ll always be in moderation. So your information never reveals.

18 thoughts on “Donation”

  1. Thank you so so much for the great work you’re doing I will continue buying coffee’s as long as you’re around 😉

  2. i am trying to donate using payPal but i can’t seem to get to the proper page.Please send me proper instructions.

    1. hello, due to the paypal limit, i close the payment page. Please do it now, i just turn it on again. Thanks!

  3. hey. I’m trying to send y’all $25 canadian from a brand new pre-paid master card vanilla. i tried twice and it won’t let me. im on the vanilla website and it says i have $25 on it but paypals telling me to use a different card. I’ve sent your website funds before from pre-paid and no problem. i dunno. im gina try figure it out

    1. Hello, sorry for the late reply. i just send you an email about how to donate, i disabled the buymeacoffee page for a while for an issue. Thanks you so much for your support!

      1. Hi. I went to the buymeacoffee page but your account is not showing up. It shows an error (can’t find the page)

        1. hello, we turn it off for a reason. We just send you a email about the alternative of donation. Thanks.

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